More time at sea

Here are a few more shots from the past few months at sea. I’ve seen some good weather fronts so I thought I’d try to capture them as best as I could.  Here’s what I got.


The view from the river including Talacre Light House



Summer seas


Some good patterns are made from the wake of other vessels on a calm day.




Minimalist during the fog






Occasional visits from Dolphins

Mondays work-3


Stunning sunsets

Saturday sundown

And some good cloud formations

Peeping through

Moody monday


Wind power

Close the curtains

The light and dark

Storm panorama


Back to the summer skies

Well, I’ve been absent from this blog for a while. I have been fairly active with the camera but haven’t really put too much time into the social media side of things. The summer skies are on their way with slightly warmer nights, and with my new shift pattern, I get more chances of catching a clear sky on my time off.

Here’s a few from the past couple of months.

Star watching in Snowdonia

Wind farms on the Denbigh Moors

Redundant energy

spun copy


South Stack light house



Penmon light house


The ISS pass over Gwaenysgor transmitters

ISS passThe eclipse, taken from a moving boat


The Alarm – Gathering MMXV

I had the opportunity to attend “The Gathering”. A yearly concert by local but world famous band The Alarm.

I attended last year on the Saturday evening and thoroughly enjoyed it after a last minute invite. This year, I helped unload vans full of equipment and set up the stage  in return for a ticket for the Friday acoustic night.

First on stage was a band called The Deportees. After a quick Google about them, I found two bands with the same name. One from Sweden and one from Aberdeen. I have a feeling they are the latter after looking at the images. Either way, they were a brilliant folky style band with some very good songs.

The Deportees



A local Choir “Acquire” joined onstage for Mikes Set providing backing vocals for some of his tracks.


Mike Peters of The Alarm







An early start

This is my first post of the new year. I’ve been busy with work recently and haven’t really had the time to keep up with this, and although I have had my camera with me most days, I haven’t done much with it.

I had planned to get up early on my day off to go and get the sunrise over Llangollen. After dropping my wife off at the train station at 5.40 a.m  I picked up a friend and headed over to Llangollen. After finding the car park, we headed up the Panorama Walk, only to miss the turn off to the point we wanted to get to, meaning a long walk around. Luckily, we had enough time to get to where we wanted before sunrise.

Greeted by this, we headed towards the end of the fence.



There was a lovely view of Castell Dinas Bran too from up there with the moon still visible.Image

I thought I’d try my hand at a panoramic of the scene. This is 9 vertical shots stitched using Microsoft ICE.



On the way back down to the car.


We then headed to Pistyll Rhaeadr in Powys. The highest waterfall in Wales.




A Quick trip to Snowdonia

I had planned to make the short trip to Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia for a while and with the winds forecast to be still, I thought it was the perfect day to get some reflections in the lake. I planned to set of early but that didn’t happen. After picking a friend up, we set off around 8.30, stopping o the way for a quick coffee to go.

On the way up there, we detoured and stopped off at Aber Falls. A couple of quid to park and a 45 minute walk up the gentle path led us to one of the best waterfalls I have seen, and its practically on my doorstep!



So we had an hour at the falls we then made our way down the A55. After turning off for Bethesda and heading down the Ogwen valley, we were greeted with some lovely low lying clouds.



We arrived at the visitor center and the weather didn’t look too good but we decided to make the short walk to the lake on the off chance it would clear. And it did. Just!