Last HipHop gig of the Kazimier

R.A the Rugged Man, A-F-R-O & Mr.Green stopped by The Kazimier in Liverpool to head up the last Hip Hop gig before the venue closes it’s doors.

It was as rowdy as I was expecting for a R.A gig. The christmas tree that sat to the left of the stage was thrown into the crowd within minutes of him coming on.

The warm up 


R.A the Rugged Man


Mr.Green, R.A & A-F-R-O




R.A the Rugged Man






I’m looking forward to the next time he comes to the UK. Not sure where it will be in North of England as small music venues seem to be closing down at a rapid rate.


The Alarm – Gathering MMXV

I had the opportunity to attend “The Gathering”. A yearly concert by local but world famous band The Alarm.

I attended last year on the Saturday evening and thoroughly enjoyed it after a last minute invite. This year, I helped unload vans full of equipment and set up the stage  in return for a ticket for the Friday acoustic night.

First on stage was a band called The Deportees. After a quick Google about them, I found two bands with the same name. One from Sweden and one from Aberdeen. I have a feeling they are the latter after looking at the images. Either way, they were a brilliant folky style band with some very good songs.

The Deportees



A local Choir “Acquire” joined onstage for Mikes Set providing backing vocals for some of his tracks.


Mike Peters of The Alarm







Rugged Man – Bristol

240 ish miles. 9 Hours there and back. 3 hours in the club. A lot of good music.

I’ve wanted to see R.A the Rugged Man for a long, long time so when I found out he was playing in the UK I made plans to go see him, wherever he was playing. With my work rota, it turned out Bristol was the only date I could make so booked tickets. When booking I noticed Pharoahe Monch was the headliner for the night with Blak Twang also playing.

R.A also had a few guests with him: Locksmith- a rapper from California who I’d seen on Youtube a while back and has very good flow. Eamon- who had worldwide chart success with “Fuck it (I don’t want you back)” a few years ago, and has more recently provided the backing vocals for two tracks on Rugged Man’s album, Legends never die, and A.F.R.O – a 17 year old kid with ridiculous flow, who had recently won a Rugged Man contest.

I only took my 50mm f1.8 and my Canon 550d with me. I forgot my flash and my on camera flash decided not to work so there are a lot of noisy images here. The lighting wasn’t great – especially after Blak Twang and being at the front of the crowd with a fixed lens meant I was fairly restricted in what I could shoot. Still, a cracking night.

Blak Twang 

Black Twang (1) Black Twang (3) Black Twang (6)


Locksmith (1) Locksmith





R.A.The Rugged Man

Rugged Man (5)


Pharoahe Monch

Pharoe (1) Pharoe (2)

Sean Price – Roadhouse, Manchester 09.10.14

Sean Price aka -Sean P/ Rukus/ Mic Tyson/ Master P/ Imperius Rex, one half of Heltah Skeltah (along with Rock) one third of Random Axe (along with Black Milk and Guilty Simpson) – Played his first gig in Manchester last night to a fairly small crowd of around 150-200 people. He hit tracks from Monkey Barz, Jesus Price Superstar and his upcoming album Niggletius con Queso, finishing with Boom bye yeah.

Sean P Sean P-11 Sean P-10 Sean P-9Sean P-7 Sean P-6 Sean P-5 Sean P-4 Sean P-3Sean P-8Sean P-2