Rugged Man – Bristol

240 ish miles. 9 Hours there and back. 3 hours in the club. A lot of good music.

I’ve wanted to see R.A the Rugged Man for a long, long time so when I found out he was playing in the UK I made plans to go see him, wherever he was playing. With my work rota, it turned out Bristol was the only date I could make so booked tickets. When booking I noticed Pharoahe Monch was the headliner for the night with Blak Twang also playing.

R.A also had a few guests with him: Locksmith- a rapper from California who I’d seen on Youtube a while back and has very good flow. Eamon- who had worldwide chart success with “Fuck it (I don’t want you back)” a few years ago, and has more recently provided the backing vocals for two tracks on Rugged Man’s album, Legends never die, and A.F.R.O – a 17 year old kid with ridiculous flow, who had recently won a Rugged Man contest.

I only took my 50mm f1.8 and my Canon 550d with me. I forgot my flash and my on camera flash decided not to work so there are a lot of noisy images here. The lighting wasn’t great – especially after Blak Twang and being at the front of the crowd with a fixed lens meant I was fairly restricted in what I could shoot. Still, a cracking night.

Blak Twang 

Black Twang (1) Black Twang (3) Black Twang (6)


Locksmith (1) Locksmith





R.A.The Rugged Man

Rugged Man (5)


Pharoahe Monch

Pharoe (1) Pharoe (2)


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