A Quick trip to Snowdonia

I had planned to make the short trip to Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia for a while and with the winds forecast to be still, I thought it was the perfect day to get some reflections in the lake. I planned to set of early but that didn’t happen. After picking a friend up, we set off around 8.30, stopping o the way for a quick coffee to go.

On the way up there, we detoured and stopped off at Aber Falls. A couple of quid to park and a 45 minute walk up the gentle path led us to one of the best waterfalls I have seen, and its practically on my doorstep!



So we had an hour at the falls we then made our way down the A55. After turning off for Bethesda and heading down the Ogwen valley, we were greeted with some lovely low lying clouds.



We arrived at the visitor center and the weather didn’t look too good but we decided to make the short walk to the lake on the off chance it would clear. And it did. Just!






7 thoughts on “A Quick trip to Snowdonia

  1. Hi Aaron, what equipment do you shoot with? My parents are from the north wales area so I’m shooting at a lot of the same places you are 🙂 also, how do you normally gauge whether a trip to Snowdonia is worth it when doing night photography, as I know from experience the weather is very hit and miss?

    some of my photos here http://www.matthewleddyphotography.com/



    1. Hi Matthew,
      I use a Canon 550d, usually with a Sigma 10-20 and a selection of filters for my day time images. For my night shots, I have just picked up a Sigma 17-25 f/2.8 which I will be using a lot more this summer, if the skies permit.
      As for gauging the trips, its usually hit and miss in Snowdonia. I check a few forecasts before I leave but they are very rarely correct, and usually at night, there is a lot more cloud in the mountain ranges.

      You have some brilliant images on your website, looks like some fascinating trips.


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