Bodnant Garden

I had to get some prints done today from Cambrian Photography and had a few hours to kill while they were being printed so I headed over to Bodnant Garden with my main photography priorities being the in bloom Laburnum arch and a long exposure of the waterfall in the valley.

Laburnum arch.


Bodnant-13 Bodnant-12

Waterfall and the stream.

Bodnant-10 Bodnant-9 Bodnant-7 Bodnant-6

Some flowers. I don’t remember the names of them though.

Bodnant-2 Bodnant


I tried my hand at a bit of Macro but wasn’t very successful

Bodnant-8 Bodnant-5And a couple of Pheasants that really didn’t mind the public.

Bodnant-3 Bodnant-4


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