Liverpool revisited.

Planned another trip to Liverpool yesterday with Dean, and with most of our trips, the weather didn’t help us! When I want clear skies, its usually cloudy, when I want clouds and wind, its been blue skies and still! Yesterday wasn’t any different really!

First stop, New Brighton lighthouse – 30 second exposure.

New Brighton


Then off to Liverpool center.

Liverpool-3 Liverpool-2

Bombed out church.


Museum of Liverpool, shot before I was told no tripods indoors!


I wanted to see Antony Gormley’s  “Another place” on Crosby beach, and after a bit of research, opted to go there at low tide. Turns out my research was poor, and you should go there nearer high tide to see the sculptures in the water. Another day maybe!

Here’s a swan from the boating lake there.


To finish the trip we headed over to Woodside to get some shots of Liverpool from the across the Mersey.

Liverpool-7 Liverpool-8


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