Saal Digital

I spotted an advert on my Facebook feed recently advertising a voucher for £40 off a photo book on the condition that you give a review once you have received it.

As I was after a book to display my Night images of North Wales I thought I’d take them up on this offer and try it out. I filled the form out on their link and had a reply the next day with the T&C’s of the offer and if I was happy to proceed then the code would be sent which is valid for two weeks.


I then set about designing the book. Firstly,you need to download their software to design your book but it is fairly straight forward to use.

I then needed to decide on the size, page numbers and style of page, glossy or matte, standard or padded cover etc.

Book options


Once this had been decided (I opted for 26 pages, glossy and unpadded) I then needed to decide if I wanted to use a pre set template or start with an empty template. I opted for the empty template.



Then it was down to laying out the images.This was fairly easy once I had decided on my the images I was using.

Laying out images


Once the book was laid out, I setup the payment details – I paid with PayPal but card options are available. The voucher code was added and the £40 subtracted from the total leaving me with just the postage cost.

I received the book in a few days and I was extremely happy with the quality of the product. The packaging was very sturdy and the book was very well protected.  I was disappointed in myself as I rushed the cover image and details and I feel that they detract from the quality of the product

The pages feel very premium, a heavy weighted paper with a nice gloss finish. The inside front and back pages are printable and the lay-flat design of the book means that you can print across the bind without any issues. I didn’t go for this option but having seen examples in other reviews I wouldn’t have any problems laying out images this way.

A few images of the book:



I’d definitely use Saal Digital again in the future. They do allsorts of things with digital images and the quality seems spot on.

I’ll update this when I try something else of theirs.



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