Visit Scotland…

Skye has been a place on my radar for a while after seeing various articles in magazines and many, many images on Flickr so I decided to take a trip up for a few days.

Myself and two friends planned to visit quite a lot in the short time we would be there, but after speaking to people who had done this trip many times, we realised that everything on our list wouldn’t be ticked off in one trip. Next time!

We drove up from North Wales on Monday morning and the first stop was the Southeast side of Loch Lomond to photograph a tree. The Loch was fairly low though so the tree that is usually in the water was high and dry.

Loch Tree -D-0167

Loch Rocks -D-0166

After this, we headed up to Glencoe to photograph the well shot Buch Etive Mor waterfall.

Not Buch Etive Mor , but one of the many snow capped mountains on the drive from Loch Lomond to Glencoe.
Bu portrait-1
Buch Etive Mor
Buch Etive -0579
Buch Etive Mor waterfall

We then headed up to Fort William, passing this small cottage set in the valley.

Glencoe cottage-0853

When we got to Fort William, we checked the Aurora forecast which shown “no activity” but thought we’d take a chance. We managed to get some aurora shots before heading for food then back to the hotel.

Fort William Aurora-0906

Up fairly early for the drive to Skye, I stopped at the Commando memorial on the A82 out of Fort William.

Commando memorial-1041

Managed to capture a shot of a Highland Cow in the Scottish Highlands!

Rain or snow-1073

Then we got on to Skye!

Skye Bridge-1082

The weather was very grey -lots of cloud and drizzle. We headed to Fairy falls, waterproofs and rain covers at the ready!

After this, we headed to our Youth Hostel in Portree where I shot some time lapse at the harbour before heading to get some food and  drink before a very early start to climb the Old man of Storr

5am wake up. We were told this walk would be a good 45mins – 1 hour. it took us 47 minutes with a few stops for me to catch my breath! Worth the walk though for these views!

Storr D-0653Storr photographer-0651

After Storr, we headed to Mealt falls/ Kilt Rock but didn’t think it was worth photographing to be honest. We then headed to the Quiarang but the light wasn’t great and we were hungry!

One of the many side of the road shots that can be had on Skye.


Elgol. We planned on staying here for sunset but we got there 4 hours early and there is absolutely nothing to do there, or on only road from the 45 minute drive there so we decided to head back to the hotel for some food and then head out for some clear skies.

Elgol view-1697

We were greeted with clear skies at Loch Leathan but unfortunately there was a lot of traffic which interfered with the planned shots.Loch leathan stars-2159.jpg

We headed back to Kilt Rock in hope of some better skies and we were greeted with some Aurora! Not a bad way to spend your last night on Skye.

Three amigos-2549

kilt star trail

And that was it, time to drive the 10 hour journey back to North Wales.

We stopped at a few places on the way home that we couldn’t get to for various reasons on the way up.

Castle-2552Running man-2585Glencoe reflection-2589

Total of 1186 miles and thousands of images. We’ll be back for sure, better planning next time to make the most of the time we have there.


Visit Scotland. You’ll love it.


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