2015 Rose Bikes BDS – Llangollen- Sunday. Race day.

I arrived back at Llangollen after a night of rain at home, wondering how many people would just sack the racing off altogether. Turns out a few did, but the numbers on the hill were still pretty high.

I walked up to the woods for seeding and watched some of the people come through. Some were struggling more than others and I heard shouts of Rider x down and not continuing over the marshals radios. The numbers were slowly dwindling.

The sun did come out though and racing was soon underway. Here are a few shots, mainly from the last jump/drop into the finish straight.

Wideopen Mag’s Charlie Hatton


Wideopen Mag’s Joe Parfitt


Wideopen Mag’s Rich Thomas


Wideopen Mag’s Kye Forte on his way to his Masters win


Kade Edwards


Josh Bryceland


Gee Atherton


Joe Smith – Winner of round 3 BDS



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