I’ve always been a fan of light houses. They withstand all types of weather and are there 24/7 for photographers to take advantage of. Working with a ten stop ND filter, and with good cloud movement, you can produce some striking shots.

Point of Ayr, Talacre. 

Point of Ayr also gives its name to a lighthouse, built in 1776, though inactive since 1883. It stands on Talacre beach, at the entrance to the River Deeestuary

A ten minute drive for me, and a regular stopping off point for me on the way home from work. Some people might recognize this lighthouse from the Dulux adverts recently, although they had done some work to make it look clean and new.






Pen Mon (Trwyn Du).

Trwyn Du Lighthouse is a lighthouse between Dinmor Point near Penmon and Ynys Seriol, or Puffin Island, south east Anglesey, at the north entrance to the Menai Strait and produces some brilliant images. I’m waiting for the weather to turn so I can get some images of the waves crashing against it!



South Stack.

The South Stack Lighthouse has warned passing ships of the treacherous rock below since its completion in 1809. The 91-foot (28 m)-tall lighthouse on South Stack was designed by Daniel Alexander and the main light is visible to passing vessels for 24 nmi (44 km; 28 mi), and was designed to allow safe passage for ships on the treacherous Dublin–Holyhead–Liverpool sea route. It provides the first beacon along the northern coast of Anglesey for east-bound ships.



I will be visiting a few more lighthouses in the future to try to capture the what they can withstand along with the brilliant architecture that has enabled them to stay standing and protecting the many ships that navigate through the UK’s waters.

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