Chester Zoo…

I recently visited Chester Zoo to try to get some of the animals without them appearing to be in a zoo.

Its a pretty tricky task, especially at the moment with the gear I have, plus the weather decided to turn extremely quick, and for the very worse! Sideways rain, little shelter and a waterproof-less bag made for an interesting afternoon!

Some of the shots that I am happy with.

First shot. Giraffe. He (maybe?) seemed to really like the taste of this metal door and was fascinated with it for a good fifteen minutes. Works really well in monochrome.


Then we have some of the Primates (possibly Buffy headed capuchin’s).  Absolutely stunning to watch in between the rain showers!







We then headed over to the Lions. This was a tricky shot as the cage is very prominent. If I had a few more stops on the lens then it wouldn’t have been much of an issue. Some editing helped reduce what was here, and the monochrome suits it much better than colour.



And the obligatory Meerkat shot. There are quite a lot of these playful little critters there and are always keen on having their picturs taken!

3 Wise men.



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